Jose Montero | Oceana
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Jose Montero

Fisheries Campaign Director
Oceana Staff

Jose has been deeply in love with nature since he was a little kid.

To him the ocean is the most amazing and complex natural environment and it has always fascinated him. Because of his love for the ocean he got a bachelor’s degree in Biology, an MS in Marine Resource Management and a graduate certificate in Geographic Information Sciences. Since then, he has been working in marine related issues, from bycatch spatial modeling, bottom trawling bycatch community ecology and meta-analysis to developing new policies that will reduce fisheries discard in Chile. He also has a strong background in oceanography, GIS, statistics and R programming, and a good understanding of the natural processes that affect the oceans and its natural population’s. These skills allow him to make the connection between science and the policy making process using solid scientific knowledge.

He is lucky enough to be part of OCEANA Chile where he uses his knowledge, skills, and passion to save our marine resources and the health our beautiful oceans. In his free time he loves bike riding, training martial arts, free diving and when he have enough time, going on road trips to the most inaccessible places of Chile.

Location: Chile