Salome Garcia | Oceana
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Salome Garcia

Campaign Organizer, South Florida
Oceana Staff

Salome Garcia is the Campaign Organizer for Oceana in South Florida. She has worked on environmental policy advocacy with a specific interest in Ocean conservancy since 2012.

Before joining Oceana, Salome worked alongside Food and Water Watch Colorado on a campaign to pressure Senator Bennet to protect the Environmental Protection Agency. She also founded Age of Aquarius, an organization in South Florida which advocates for the advancement of environmental stewardship and highlights scientific research in the world’s only underwater research laboratory of its kind, Aquarius Reef Base. She has a Bachelor's degree in International Relations and Political Science with emphasis on Environmental Policy. Salome’s specific passion lies within international ocean policy; her goal is to inspire communities to shift the way we fundamentally view our oceans and motivate positive change towards a more sustainable future.