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Alain Alexis

Office Assistant

Belize City, Belize

Most of my childhood vacations were spent near the beach or on the sea. If I didn’t have too many chores on weekends, I would be out on the sea with my Stepdad hunting for lobsters or fishing with hand lines. Also for vacations we would go on fishing trips and sleep on a nearby caye. My Stepdad is a fisherman and tried to pass on the trade to both my older brother and I.

I developed a love for being at sea and seeing the creatures that live there.  The sea’s abundant ecosystem always drew me back. I transitioned from being a part of the team that hunted the seas day and night  to a member of a team that is and has been defending and protecting the world’s oceans and has had many successes.

As a member of Oceana’ s Belize Team it now seems to me a natural instinct to keep both the ocean and the land clean and protected so that in years to come my children and my children’s children can appreciate the beautiful underwater life with a tremendous array of species that  I am enjoying today . I’m a natural explorer and lover of the ocean by birth.