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Alex Muñoz Wilson

Vice President, Andean and Caribbean Regions

Santiago, Chile

Alex Muñoz is Oceana's Vice-President for South America. Between 2003 and 2004 he worked as an attorney in Oceana's South America office. Prior to rejoining Oceana in January 2008, he was the Program Coordinator for the Transparency and Anti-Corruption Program at the University of Chile Law School's Human Rights Center. In that capacity, he was responsible for putting together the first regional fellowship course on transparency, accountability and anti-corruption for Latin American practitioners, faculty and other relevant actors.

Through his career, he has worked with different non governmental organizations, and dedicated himself to advocating for different public interest issues such as freedom of expression, environmental protection and the defense of women against domestic violence.

Alex has been a public interest litigator, at a national and international level. He took a leadership role in challenging Chile's censorship of a major international motion picture because of its alleged perspective on religious issues. Alex and his colleagues won the case in the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, and as a result Chile had to amend its constitution to strengthen free-speech rights for all.

Mr. Muñoz received a law degree from University of Chile, and a Master's degree in international and comparative law from George Washington University in 2005. He has specialized in environmental law and international human rights law.