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Amanda Keledjian

Marine Scientist

Washington, DC, USA

After completing undergraduate study in biology and anthropology at Grinnell College, I taught environmental science in Woods Hole, MA, enjoying the beautiful beaches and forests of Cape Cod.  I later moved to southern California to learn about marine mammal training and marine education at local aquaria.  I also worked at a marine mammal stranding and rehabilitation center, where I began to understand some of the challenges inherent in balancing animal health and human uses of the marine environment.  Though I have always been fascinated by marine mammals, it was then that I became completely captivated by the seals and sea lions that depend on coastal beaches and clean oceans for survival.   

These hands-on experiences motivated my work on mapping and predicting sea lion entanglement in fishing gear during my graduate studies at the Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.  Since then, I have worked to understand domestic and international bycatch policy and continue to pursue ways of minimizing our impacts on the ocean and its many inhabitants.  Here at Oceana, I work on the Responsible Fishing Campaign that seeks to protect sharks, turtles, mammals, and birds by promoting sustainable and effective alternatives to harmful fishing practices. 

Like so many other ocean aficionados, I grew up playing at the beach and quickly fell in love.  I have worked on projects ranging from analyzing sea lion eating habits to studying microbes in Antarctica and always arrive at the same conclusion: the ocean is an amazing thing.  I have been lucky enough to experience these joys around the world and strive to inspire the same passion in others by sharing what I know.