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Angela Pauly

Angela Pauly

Communications Officer

Brussels, Belgium

My father is a marine biologist, so my love for the ocean was instilled in me long before I could walk or talk. I grew up in the Philippines - a country with the most beautiful beaches and underwater life I have ever seen (I know…I’m biased!). I spent my summers with my mother’s family in Monterey, California, home of quite possibly the most incredible aquarium in the world. Later on, while in university, I spent weekends with my best friend’s family at their beach home in Cape Cod, MA and then moved to Vancouver, Canada to continue my studies. It seems that every step of my life I’ve unwittingly chosen to be close to the ocean – working for Oceana and joining the fight to help protect and restore such a magnificent resource for generations to come, makes perfect sense.

How inappropriate to call this planet Earth, when it is clearly Ocean” – Arthur C. Clarke.