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Beth Lowell

Beth Lowell

Campaign Director

Washington, DC, USA

You don’t need to be in the ocean to be able to appreciate it. In fact, I’d have to say my favorite ocean pastime consists of long walks on the beach, simply unwinding and collecting shells. I grew up in Maine and spent most of my vacations at the beach, so I’ve taken plenty of walks and seen my fair share of coastlines. Whether it’s coastal Maine or Key West, Florida, it seems like every stretch of coastline has something new and interesting to offer.

Though I’ve done conservation work for much of my adult life, this is my first time working for an organization whose goal is specifically to protect the marine habitat. Considering how much of the earth is covered by oceans, yet how few groups are working to protect them, it’s hard to imagine where my work could be of more value.

Here at Oceana, I work on the Dirty Fishing Campaign to increase funding for marine mammal protection programs, strengthen the Marine Mammal Protection Act, and promote ocean wildlife protections overall (which means I’m also working to protect my favorite marine animals: seals!). I love working at Oceana because our scope is international. In addition to our North American offices, we have committed staff in Europe and South America working to ensure those regions get as much attention and ocean protection as the US does.

We won’t solve the many problems facing our oceans unless we realize that this is truly a global problem. The people at Oceana understand that, which is one of things that makes us so successful.