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Cheryl Haro

Manager, Executive Department

Washington, DC, USA

Life from a Different View Point

I only recently relocated to Washington, D.C. For several years I lived overseas (in Egypt, St. Lucia, Venezuela, and Panama). I found the experience very valuable. Living abroad expanded my views and helped me gain a better understanding of other cultures and the way that they view us here in the United States.

A New Consciousness

When I lived in the Caribbean, I enjoyed being surrounded by natural beauty and having the water nearby. My family and I enjoy numerous water sports: swimming, waterskiing, sailing, and scuba diving. But like most people, we weren't conscious of what humans are doing to the oceans and how huge our impact on them is becoming. I've become much more aware of it since I've been working here.

Supplying Solutions for Real Life Problems

Our task here at Oceana is to awaken the world to the fact that our oceans are dying needlessly and to supply tangible solutions for real life problems. This task is very important, because if the oceans go, so goes mankind.