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Eduardo De Ana

Web / IT

Madrid, Spain

In spite of living in Madrid and being so many kilometres away from the sea, I’ve always felt very close to it.

In my childhood, I spent wonderful times in the ocean, and today I still feel the same excitement I had then when, after a long trip, I get the first glimpse of its horizon.

It is everyone’s job to take care of the ocean and guarantee that in the future it will continue to contribute to the environmental balance of our planet. In order to do that, we must combine our efforts to spread the word about our passion for it.

In the past, I have been able to actively participate in collective efforts for the defense of the ocean against toxic and radioactive dumping and oil spills, particularly in the seas surrounding my country.

Oceana allows me to work on a global basis for the protection of the ocean. Toward that end, I am contributing to the design of our web page, and I am in contact with activists from every corner of Europe who wish to join in our efforts.