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Eva Turrero

Eva Turrero

Administration Officer

Madrid, Spain

I was born in Burgos (Spain), we have no sea out there, but I did spend my childhood by the northern beaches; our family used to get together during the summer vacation time with our grandparents; those memories are just irreplaceable. Later on we used to visit the Mediterranean coast; that was a great time to meet new friends and loves, those promises of getting together every summer, so many things that happened by that beautiful sea, it seemed that all that showed in front of it has its own rights.

Now, working at Oceana, I’ve came up with the reality, about how responsible and respectful we should be towards that given so generously by nature; this is why I’d like to thank all those professional that through their day by day work push to take care of such a valuable treasure, reason why I’d like to dedicate to them one of my favorite poems, in Spanish:

     Te me acercas

      contándome al oído milagros

      de miles de leyendas

      que quedaron entre tus aguas.


      Me salpicas

      con espumas inundadas de misterios

      de otros tiempos y distancias,

      con lamentos de promesas

      que perdieron sus palabras

      en tus bajamares intensos...


      Y yo me acerco y te salpico

      sabiéndome tan pequeño,

      tan desconsoladamente chico,

      tan solo entre mis gentes cotidianas,

      que me apabullan tus mareas,

      tus olas y tus resacas.


      A veces me respondes...

      Pero de continuo callas y resbalas

      en las arenas de mi playa

      que esperan impacientes tus respuestas.




     Playa de la Barrosa. Cádiz.