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Helena Alvarez

Marine Scientist

Madrid, Spain

Since I remember, I’ve always had a deep interest in the environment and its conservation. This led me to graduate in Environmental Sciences, majoring in marine biodiversity conservation, and dedicate my professional career to the sea protection.

The more I learn and see with my own eyes the fragile ecosystems that are hidden under the sea surface, the more I am convinced of the urgent need to launch an alert message to the whole society. Now that I've only begun to discover the escarpments, seamounts and deep-sea ecosystems, I am even more convinced of trying to stop the threats that compromise their well-being and, like it or not, the survival of the whole planet.

Therefore, we can’t ignore the responsibility that concerns each one of us towards the environment. Unfortunately, we are witnessing an imminent degradation of the marine environment as a result of our unconscious attitudes and our lifestyles. I believe that the dissemination of accurate and truthful information about this problem is a powerful weapon to alleviate it, and here is where Oceana is pioneer. This organization gives me a great opportunity to put a voice to the depths and amplify the message to the entire planet.

“Every second breath we take comes from the Ocean”