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Jessica Wiseman

Communications Manager, International

Washington, DC, USA

I moved a lot as a child and grew up in California, North Carolina, Australia, Wisconsin, and New Jersey; in that order. Although I lived in a diverse group of locations, I always felt a natural draw towards the ocean and the creatures that inhabit it. I learned how to snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef, and would have to be dragged out of the water, despite jellyfish stings and most of the fish being larger than me.  The connection I have always felt toward the ocean and its inhabitants has driven me to want to protect it.

I attended Wake Forest University and majored in Communications with a minor in Biology. Since graduating, I held jobs at a PR firm and did marketing and promotions for two major magazines in New York City. While I enjoyed my work and learned a lot, I never felt fully satisfied.

With time, I realized in order to be truly fulfilled in my career, I need to focus my energy on a job in which I sincerely care about the outcome. With this realization, I packed up my life again and moved to San Diego to attend Scripps Institution of Oceanography and received a graduate degree in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation, with a focus on the effective communication of science to promote ocean conservation.

Here at Oceana I am thrilled to be working with this group of dedicated individuals on such important issues.