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Jonathan Frank

Manager Marketing and Corporate Relationships

Washington, DC, USA

My earliest memories of the ocean are from a summer visit to my grandmother's home in New Jersey.  I don't recall how young I was, only that I was infatuated with Batman and scared to go into the water because of "Jaws."  The hot sand scorched my feet, so I spent most of my time at the edge of the beach, letting the cool Atlantic waves work their soothing magic.
Since then, I've had a number of opportunities to revisit the open sea, enjoying snorkeling, parasailing, boating, fishing and swimming.  I'd probably still be afraid of sharks, but organizations like Oceana have opened my eyes over years. 

I've always been able to appreciate the oceans as a valuable resource that needs protection, but it was only after earning a position as a fundraiser at Oceana that I realized how much work needs to be done.  Americans are very generous and find countless ways to support different charities, but I was amazed to learn that of all environmental giving, the oceans receive only one-half-of-one percent despite seventy percent of the planet being covered in oceans.

It's a jaw dropping statistic that helps me stay focused on my job and reinvigorates my efforts when they are waning.  Other motivators for me are my friends and family, my joy of vacations (often spent at the ocean) and sea turtles-you've got to love the sea turtles.