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Jon Warrenchuk

Campaign Manager and Senior Ocean Scientist

Juneau, AK, USA

Fish for the Future

I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the epicenter of North America and a long way from the coast. Fortunately, I was near tens of thousands of lakes. I grew up fishing. Since then, I've observed commercial fisheries all over the world, from hand-lining for sharks in Sumatra to factory trawlers in the Bering Sea. Fishing is a big business with the power to change the very dynamics of the ocean ecosystem. Our job at Oceana is to promote sustainable ecosystem based management of our oceans.

Making a Difference

Working for Oceana I feel like I can make a difference. As the staff scientist for the North Pacific and Pacific region I supply the best scientific advice and critique the government's assertions. Science should guide policy, not vice versa. I bring attention to issues that are important ecologically to see where we can make a difference in the health of the ocean ecosystem.

A Global Resource

We remove billions of pounds of seafood from the oceans annually. What do we leave behind? Destroyed coral beds, dead and discarded unwanted species, and pollution. It's time to reverse the trend. The ocean is a global resource, let's work together to keep it healthy.