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Maria Bakraie

Maria Bakraie

Baltic Sea Project Administration Officer

Copenhagen, Denmark

Well, it is hard to say that I have been living right near the sea, as I am actually originally from Russia, Moscow.

I was only aware of the sea from going once every year for my summer vacation to the Black Sea. Actually to be honest, in the beginning I was afraid of it.

It is so big, actually huge, deep and mysterious.

I got a bit closer to that idea of sea and ocean, once I got to know Denmark. First, as my husband is a Diver, he was showing me “around”, and after I moved to Denmark, I got surrounded by sea.

I did try to dive together with my husband, and it was right there when I understood, how huge, deep, mysterious and dangerous it is, somehow, but still so pure and vulnerable.

I am feeling very happy and committed by having the opportunity to work for Oceana!

Oceans are more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time.

H. P. Lovecraft