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Matthias Gorny

Science Director

Santiago, Chile

Matthias became a marine biologist at the Alfred-Wegner Institute of Marine and Polar Investigation in Bremen, Germany, where he studied primarily the ecology of crustaceans and benthic communities. He arrived in Chile in 1996 for an exchange between the German government and Magallanes University, where he was a researcher and teacher.

After eight years working on various research projects related to the southern fjords, he decided to begin consulting on projects with the specialty on bioindicators and sustainable management of marine resources. For three years Matthias worked for several national and international foundations on programs about biomonitoring and the impacts of salmon aquaculture on marine ecosystems.

Matthias is also an operator of robots and underwater cameras, and he has explored the waters - or rather, the sea beds-- from Puerto Montt to Cape Horn with this equipment. He has participated in expeditions to Oceanic islands and to Antarctica, and has led others on-board scientific vessels and in fishing boats. He has been published in 50 scientific publications.

Gorny joined Oceana at the beginning of 2009, becoming the Science Director.