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Pilar Marin

Marine Scientist

Madrid, Spain

I have spent a large part of my life close to the sea. Although I was born in Cádiz (an ancient city in the Atlantic coast), I spent my childhood and early youth in Barbate, a little town located in the southern coast of Spain nearby the Strait of Gibraltar.

My professional career has always been linked to the oceans and the sea, but there are two moments that I treasure. The first one took place every Spring between April and May when I used to wait for “The calling” that meant that orcas were in the beach following bluefin tunas. I’ve seen those amazing animals less frequently than I wish, but their huge fins have been in my dreams thousands of times. The second moment is when I visited a submerged marine cave in La Herradura (Granada, Spain) for the first time in my life.  I recorded it in my diving-logbook as follows:  “Today I felt like J.Y. Cousteau”.

Maintaining a close contact with the sea, has allowed me to get a first-hand knowledge of the biological richness that our seas harbor. However, and being aware of the problems they currently face, my job has provided me the appropriate tools for looking after their conservation and protection.

I think all my thoughts can be summarized in one single sentence that in Latin says “Mare fons vitae et laboris” which means "The sea is source of life and work". Oceana gives me the opportunity to speak up, to raise awareness and try to convince national and international authorities that our oceans are fragile. I work for further knowledge on marine habitats and species, and my position in Oceana allows me to design new proposals for marine protected areas. Today, I am convinced that I can fight to safeguard a valuable treasure that I miss every day.