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Sara Young

Sara Young

Marine Scientist, Climate and Energy Campaign

Washington, DC, USA

Sara Young is expanding her role at Oceana as the Marine Scientist for Oceana's Climate and Energy Team. She is now working to incorporate new and exciting science about marine mammals, ocean acidification, and many other things into the Climate Team’s arsenal, in order to prevent the expansion of offshore drilling and promote offshore wind energy. Sara is looking forward to using her marine science experience, both at home and abroad, and her love of marine mammals to help the Climate Team succeed.

Before coming to Oceana, Sara worked on the policy team for the Consortium for Ocean Leadership, working on projects such as the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative and the National Ocean Sciences Bowl. She also spent some time working in the Marine Animal Rehabilitation Center, working to return seals, turtles, and porpoises back to their natural habitat. Sara holds a B.Sc. in Marine Biology and an M.Res. in Marine Mammal Science from the University of St Andrews. This means Sara has spent many days wrestling seals, spotting whales, and freezing on some deserted beaches, all for the sake of marine conservation, and loving every minute of it.