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Soraya de Miguel

Soraya de Miguel

Financial Officer

Madrid, Spain

I was born and grew in interior zones far away from coasts, seas and oceans. Furthermore, my professional experience had been developed in private companies till I joined Oceana. How could I finish working in an organization that protects the world’s oceans?

The answer could be that though not having direct contact with oceans I have been lucky to live in contact with nature in my home village in Segovia and I love to enjoy it even now when I live in Madrid. It made me think that having the option to join an organization dedicated to the conservation of nature gave me the chance to focus my professional life on and purpose that has much to see with my personal life.

I am really glad to contribute what I can to Oceana where people so professional and with so wide knowledge about oceans make something as beautiful and necessary as defend the oceans from ourselves.

Oceana is teaching me to discover the marvels that oceans hide and the needs they have to being protected to preserve them and to get our planet can continue being as it is. I am learning to love this immense part of our planet that surrounds us and that gives us the life.