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Dead Penguins in Rio

dead penguins

More than 400 penguins from Antarctica and Patagonia, most of them young, have been found dead on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro over the past two months.

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Too Many Tentacles?

96 tentacle octopus

Boingboing noted a Japanese sea oddity today: an octopus with 88 extra tentacles as a result of abnormal regeneration.

That can't be comfortable.

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Need Pampering? Try a Pedicarp

carp pedicure

Okay, this isn't exactly conservation related. But I can't resist relaying the latest in pampering technology: tiny carp called garra rufa, or "doctor fish," that nibble the dead skin on your feet.

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Oceana + MeeMix

sound waves

Just in from the shameless self-promotion department -- MeeMix, a new free internet radio site, has taken an interest in Oceana.

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Chin Up, Enviros

A friend of mine just wrote me an e-mail saying she had checked out this blog. "I like the blog," she wrote, "but it made me a little depressed (sorry! All talk of pollution/global warming/dead animals does)."

I feel your pain, sister. There are a lot of things to be pessimistic about right now, but I think even those of us who feel passionately about the issues grow weary of the environmental gloom and doom. One blogger, Justin Van Kleeck, wrote a thoughtful essay yesterday detailing some of the ways he assuages his fears and anxieties about the endless stream of bad news.

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Elly's Hot Topics: the Reef Symposium

Last week I attended the International Coral Reef Symposium – a massive gathering of coral reef enthusiasts from all over the world, with more than 2,500 scientists, managers, organizers, and journalists present.

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Our Eco-Ocean Award

We know we're pretty great, but sometimes it's nice to be recognized by others, too...

In its August issue, Food & Wine magazine honors Oceana, along with North Atlantic Salmon Fund, Cleanfish and the Ocean Conservancy, with Eco-Ocean Awards. The award winners are recognized for their efforts in helping to make seafood sustainable.

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Gore: Let's Change Lightbulbs, Laws

al gore

Today I watched Al Gore, the climate crisis' veritable rock star (and recipient of a 2007 Oceana award), speak at Constitution Hall here in DC.

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A Sea Turtle Highway

baby leatherback sea turtle

The folks over at the Outside magazine blog clued me into the news yesterday about new leatherback sea turtle data from Stanford's Hopkins Marine Station.They tracked 46 turtles on their migratory route, and as it turns out, the leatherbacks swam a very specific path, thousands of miles out to an area near the Galapagos known as the South Pacific Gyre -- before returning to Costa Rica to nest.

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Gulf Dead Zone Grows

As some 250 corn growers from more than 20 states are convening in our fair city of Washington, DC this week for the biannual Corn Congress, they might be getting some unwelcome news.

Scientists report that this year's dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico is likely to be the largest on record, due in large part to the rise in corn production.

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