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Save Atlantic Herring!

Another un-sexy but vital marine species needs protecting: Atlantic herring. The fish, a keystone species, are caught by huge nets that can catch sometimes close to a million pounds in one haul. Despite the successes that Oceana and our allies have achieved in recent years to rein in this fishery, herring trawling continues to operate without effective regulation or monitoring. The New England Fishery Management Council is developing a new set of regulations for herring fishing, and they are taking your comments through the end of June.

The size and speed of herring trawlers has been a concern of Oceana and our allies for some time. Dragging huge nets through the ocean has resulted in the unintentional catch - or bycatch - of marine mammals and commercially important fish. However, the managers of the herring fishery have done very little to control this fishery.

The mismanagement of the commercial Atlantic herring industry has gone on long enough, and it's time for the New England Fishery Management Council to require adequate observation of the herring fishery and implement real consequences for exceeding limits on catch and bycatch .

Let the New England Fishery Management Council know that you won't let this destructive fishing practice go unregulated by taking action today!

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