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A Jellyfish Media Sting

It appears that jellyfish have invaded not just the oceans but the media, too.

Last week I told you about our marine scientist Margot Stiles' cameo on the CBS Early Show to talk about the jellyfish invasion. They aired a longer version of the story Sunday evening -- check it out. They included quite a bit of footage from our European office of jellyfish and our roving catamaran, the Ranger.

Plus, Sunday morning, the New York Times ran a story about the same thing.

As Margot says, the jellyfish swarms are a symptom of the greater oceanic illnesses. Maybe their sting will serve as a wake-up call to those beachgoers -- who may or may not be already conservation-minded -- to do something about the overfishing, global warming, and pollution that's causing the blobs to bloom around the globe.

[Image: Thierry Lannoy/Oceana]

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