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Pierre Terre's Trash Beach

I'm always talking about the problem of plastics in the ocean. Well, today I found a related humorous-slash-puzzling video brought to you by Pierre Terre Productions, an "independent media company producing webcast and broadcast video stories of wisdom, value, intelligence and good intent."

This particular piece is about a place on the Big island of Hawaii known as Trash Beach because of the garbage, mostly plastic, that washes ashore due to ocean currents in the Pacific.

Pierre and friend Krista explore the absurdly littered beach, and while the short piece lacks scientific detail or a suggested solution to the problem, you might be charmed by Pierre's French accent -- but don't be fooled, Pierre is merely a character played by Kevin Hansen...

It's one part activism, one part theater. Check it out for yourself. What do you think -- is the shtick productive? Or simply mock-worthy?

Meanwhile, sign our plastics pledge if you haven't already.

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