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Baby beluga in the deep blue... tank at the Vancouver Aquarium

And now you hate me because I’ve got Raffi stuck in your head! But you will soon get over that when you see the pictures of the new baby beluga calf at the Vancouver Aquarium. The second calf in as many years born at the aquarium, the as of yet unnamed beluga and her mother Aurora are fairing well. Born gray, wrinkly, and adorable, her skin will smooth out and lighten to the characteristically beluga white as she matures. There is much to learn about these arctic whales, so the chance to study the social behavior of these two calves is priceless.

Check out the "> Vancouver Aquarium’s website for video of the birth and a baby beluga webcam to see the little (almost) white whale on the go.

Aquarium staffers filmed the two calves meeting, the beginning of their research on the pairs' social behavior.

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