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Oceana Chief Scientist to Testify on Offshore Drilling

Breaking news this morning: A Coast Guard official says the “top kill” maneuver has stopped the oil leak that has been gushing into the gulf for more than a month, though engineers still have to seal the well permanently with cement before they deem it a success.

And more good news -- President Obama will announce today that he is extending the moratorium on permits to drill new deepwater wells for six more months.

Meanwhile, this morning Oceana Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist Mike Hirshfield will testify about the costs of offshore drilling before the House Committee on Natural Resources.  

Hirshfield’s remarks, which will come after testimony by the chief executives of BP, TransOcean and the American Petroleum Institute, will describe what’s at risk if the U.S. continues to expand exploration and extraction of oil and gas offshore. 

He will also outline Oceana’s arguments for a speedy transition to carbon-free energy sources and dramatic improvements in energy efficiency and conservation, as a way to reduce our nation’s consumption of oil and other fossil fuels.

We’ll bring you more on his testimony after the fact.


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