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Ocean News: New Maps Reveal Extent of Ocean Plastic, Florida Keys Launches Turtle Cam, and More

A loggerhead (Caretta caretta) sea turtle hatchling. (Photo: Oceana / Cory Wilson)

- New maps of ocean plastics—the first of their kind—show plastic accumulation levels across the world’s oceans. The maps highlight data from a study released this month that found plastics floating in five subtropical gyres across the world. National Geographic

- A new animal cam is allowing turtle lovers to watch baby sea turtles hatch from their nests in the Florida Keys. The camera captures turtles both during the day and nighttime hours, and is meant to raise awareness for sea turtle conservation. CBS Miami

- In a new study, researchers looked at growth rings on deep sea corals from the Atlantic Ocean to provide clues into past climatic events. Using these skeletons, researchers found that the deep ocean started warming in advance of a rapid climate change event about 14,600 years ago.

- A well-known 48-foot female humpback whale died in a boat collision off Alaska earlier this month. Federal officials say this tragedy is a reminder to slow vessel speed and be mindful of the marine mammals. The Associated Press

- Data from satellite-tagged green sea turtles reveal that Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) may not be enough protection for these animals. Researchers found that some turtles swam more than 600 miles outside MPAs, indicating the need for networks of smaller protected areas, too.

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