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Dusky’s Big Adventure, Day 4: Dusky Creates “Dusky’s Bucket List” to Save His Species

Dusky creates “Dusky’s Bucket List” to save his species. (Photo: Oceana)

This is the fourth post in a five-part blog series that features Dusky the Shark. This week, Dusky is appearing in a comic strip that explains why dusky sharks in the northwestern Atlantic are at risk, and what actions he and Oceana are taking to protect his species. Check The Beacon again tomorrow for the last installment of Dusky’s Big Adventure, and click here to see Dusky’s Big Adventure from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Today, Dusky the Shark gets to work on “Dusky’s Bucket List” — his tool for raising awareness and taking action for his species. Dusky is asking the public to help him build his “Bucket List” and provide ideas for saving his species. Click here to take action to protect dusky sharks and weigh in on Dusky's Bucket List.

Take a look below to check out Dusky’s progress earlier this week:

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