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Ocean Roundup: Maine’s Scallop Fishery Could See Closures, Sydney Harbor Littered with Microplastics, and More

Patagonia Scallop (Zygochlamys patagonica). (Photo: Oceana / Eduardo Sorensen) 

- Maine’s scallop fishery could see multiple closures in the upcoming December season as regulators work to rebuild the fishery. Fishermen caught millions of pounds of scallops from the 1970s to 1990s, but the fishery then dropped dramatically. The Associated Press

- Researchers have discovered that the waters of Sydney Harbor are littered with “alarming” levels of plastics, according to researchers. The majority of the plastics are microplastics, which the researchers say have the biggest impact of wildlife. The Guardian

- This week, the most comprehensive account of Antarctic marine life is set to be published in a new book, the “Biogeographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean.” It’s the first Antarctic atlas published since 1969, and includes over 9,000 species contributed to by 147 scientists from 91 different institutions. BBC News

- Norway has caught 729 whales in this year’s whaling season—the largest catch since 1993. Norway is one of three countries that hunt for whales despite an international moratorium by the International Whaling Commission. The Guardian


- “Social-Ecological Restoration,” or rejuvenating ecosystems to meet both social and ecological needs, is an underrated approach to returning ecosystems to their previous abundance. While it’s not a new idea, if it’s carefully planned out, it can lead wonderful results, argues the lead scientist of The Nature Conservancy. National Geographic

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