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Happy World Ocean Day!

The summer may not officially start until June 21, but the summer blockbusters have clearly arrived. Spidey swung into theaters earlier this season and is still sticking around while Captain Jack Sparrow embarked on his latest journey taking moviegoers to the end of the world. But both movies could soon be old news now that Oceans 13 hits theaters ... TODAY!

I can't think of a better day for Oceans 13 to debut, since today is none other than World Ocean Day!

World Ocean Day was created in 1992 at the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit, put on by the UN. Ever since, thousands have celebrated the oceans' importance and their personal connections with them. But, unfortunately, for the past 15 years this honorary day has remained an unofficial celebration because the UN has failed to formally designate June 8th as World Ocean Day every year. This symbolic action is a great opportunity to recognize our oceans, and any chance to do that is a good thing.

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The New Website on the Block

Meet Mike.

Mike had an idea: 1,000 organizations promote their environmentally friendly initiatives for 2008 "under one roof."

Mike put his idea into practice by launching

Help Mike reach his goal by spreading the word.

Go Mike, go!

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And the MOMMIE goes to...

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a spray-painted pregnant mannequin bestowed to uncomfortable chlor-alkalai chlorine plant executives...

Five days before the Oscars, Oceana announced the winners of the inaugural Masters of Making Mercury in the Environment (MOMMIE) Awards, celebrating America's chlorine plants for outstanding achievement in the field of poisoning our tuna fish sandwiches. In 2004, the FDA advised women who might become pregnant, women who are pregnant, nursing mothers and young children to limit their consumption of certain types of seafood to prevent mercury contamination.

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Don't Forget -- Valentine's Day is Wednesday February 14!

Roses are red,

Oceans are blue,

Enjoy these free e-cards,

As our Valentine's gift to you!



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Top 10 signs you may be an ocean advocate

10. Your family all got sea turtle cookie cutters as stocking stuffers.

9. You know all the words to Joe Vasconcellos's "Fish Don't Cry."

8. You're willing to cross state lines to shop at a green list grocery store.

7. Your ringtone is a dolphin "clicking."

6. Your baby shower presents are accompanied with the FDA mercury warning.

5. You think Happy Feet has got Oscar written all over it.

4. You've got more fish guides in your wallet than credit cards.

3. You think Ted Danson is famous because of his ocean advocacy.

2. You changed your pin code to "2048."

1. Your bumper sticker says "I Heart Krill."

Don't fit the bill? Become an ocean advocate now.

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Adopt a sea creature this holiday season!

How do you want to spend your holiday season?

Option A) Sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic until you circle the mall looking for a parking spot and finally steal one from a little old lady before dashing into the mall to buy over-priced trinkets that your loved ones don't really need.

Option B) Giving the gift of the oceans by adopting an endangered marine creature. Your donation to Oceana will help protect whales, dolphins, sea turtles, sharks and other creatures and promote healthy oceans. And with a donation of $25 or more, the recipient of your choice will receive a cookie cutter in the shape of your adopted creature. And believe me - they are CUTE!

If you want to skip the mall madness and do something special this year, adopt a creature here.

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Big Oil is at it again

The Bush Administration, through the Minerals Management Service (MMS), is proposing to sell oil and gas leases between 2007 and 2012 in the Arctic and off the coast of Virginia.

America's Arctic oceans, are home to native subsistence communities, endangered whales, polar bears, walrus, endangered birds, and some of our nation's most important fisheries, including the world's largest salmon run in Bristol Bay. A catastrophic oil spill in America's Arctic oceans is extremely likely, considering the time period it would take to extract the petroleum resources. And the oil companies have even admitted they would not be able to clean up an oil spill in the icy conditions of the Arctic Ocean.

MMS is also pushing to sell oil and gas leases off the coast of Virginia. The majority of law makers along the Atlantic coast are against this unnecessary expansion of oil and gas development, because it puts their shores at risk.

The best part of all? The MMS is not accepting email comments on the issue. But fret not! For we've created an online petition.

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New! Holiday Flowers

Our friends over at Organic Bouquet have a wonderful deal for all you WaveMakers. Order any item through the link below, and 10% of the purchase price goes to Oceana to help us fight to protect the flora and fauna of our oceans!

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Dive In to Ocean Activism

Forget seeing your name in lights - seeing your name underwater is all the rage.

Check out our new flash!

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