Junior Ocean Council

The Junior Ocean Council is a dynamic group of young professionals and activists who represent and support Oceana's efforts by acting as ambassadors for Oceana.  Members are dedicated ocean advocates and work to inform their peers and support Oceana's programming and the advancement of our mission.

Members include:

  • Carl Forsberg
  • Philip Hahn
  • Jill Higson
  • Ally Hilfiger
  • Bryan Klopfer
  • Robert Longsworth
  • Lauren Courtney Norman
  • Samantha Riekstins
  • Mary Skinner
  • Alexandre Thiriez
  • Kimberly Thomsen


Contact Information:

c/o Bettina Alonso
Vice President, Global Development
909 3rd Avenue, 31st Floor
New York, NY 10022
[email protected]
Telephone: (212) 371-2444