Oceana And SJCJC Student Club Join Forces To Clean Belize's Coastline

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October 12, 2011
Belize City, Belize
Niall Gillett ( [email protected] )
( [email protected] )

Two great forces! Oceana and 30 students from Oceana SJCJC’s (St. John’s College Junior College) student club joined together as one group on October 1, 2011, with a goal to clean along the coastline from B.T.L Park to the Baron Bliss Light House in Belize City. This was in conjunction with the Scout Association of Belize’s Annual Beach and Riverways Clean-up.

 The students astonished themselves by filling thirty garbage bags that day with everything from liquor bottles to diapers and condoms. Club president Marcelo Cowo commented: “We students and adults from all over have our enjoyment when we’re by the seawall, but what we all don’t know is how filthy we all leave [it] to the end.” He continued to say “Oceana and Oceana SJC is not all about the oceans and the marine eco-system, we also care about our environment and being green is apart of a healthy life style. I hope by what my club members learnt that day is… to become better role models and not to encourage littering…”

 Belize City wasn’t the only place where a clean up campaign was held that day. Club members who live in the North also participated in a similar, successful activity in Orange Walk Town.