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Ocean News: Sea Turtle Nesting in Florida Sees Steady Increase, 2014 Could Be Hottest on Record, and More

Sea turtle nesting in Florida has seen a steady increase

A leatherback sea turtle hatchling. Sea turtle nesting has increased in Florida in recent years. (Photo: Tim Calver / Oceana)

- New research shows that male bluefin killifish have varying colorations and markings on their fins to signal different messages. Even though most field guides show one fin of the killifish to be blue, researchers found they also came in yellow and red. Science Daily

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Ocean News: New Arctic Shipping Route Proposed, East Coast Sees Surge in Coastal Flooding Events, and More

Arctic sea ice

Arctic Ocean sea ice. (Photo: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / Flickr Creative Commons)

- A new analysis focusing on sea level rise found that coastal flooding has dramatically increased in frequency along the Eastern Seaboard in recent years. The analysis found that flood levels met or exceeded NOAA’s flood thresholds more than 20 days a year in six coastal cities. Reuters

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Arctic Shipping to Open Pathways for Invasive Species

The zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) is a freshwater invasive species.

The zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha), pictured here, is a freshwater invasive species likely introduced to the U.S. from ballast water. (Photo: NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory / Flickr Creative Commons)

For years, commercial ships had  two main pathways to easily traverse the globe: the Panama and Suez Canals. Now, after 30 years of unprecedented sea ice melt in the Arctic, the northern Atlantic and Pacific are connected for the first time in 2 million years. That means Arctic shipping is an option, and it’s certainly an appealing one: The routes are faster, ships need less fuel, and piracy isn’t a threat.

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