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Ecologically Rich Mobile-Tensaw Delta At Risk

© Dr. Dennis Devries, Auburn University

Here’s another guest post from our friends at Auburn University in Alabama:

Formed by the confluence of the Alabama and Tombigbee rivers, the Mobile-Tensaw Delta (pictured here) is a complex network of tidally influenced rivers, creeks, bays, lakes, wetlands, and bayous.

These salt marshes and coastal wetlands are part of a highly productive estuary at the head of Mobile Bay. Listed by the United States Congress as a National Natural Landmark, the Delta is an ecological wonder providing vital habitats for nursery, refuge and forage for vast numbers of fish and shellfish. 

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Pelicans, the Spill and DDT


© Dr. Kathryn Flynn, Auburn University

Auburn University is doing some great work on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and their kind folks sent us this photo of a heron walking along an oil boom with a skimming vessel in the background.

In other bird news, Dr. Geoff Hill, nationally-known professor of ornithology at Auburn, recently described the impact of the gulf spill on bird populations, in particular, the brown pelican. Hill drew some interesting comparisons between the impact of the oil and the impact of the pesticide, DDT in the 1970s.

You can read more about Dr. Hill's observations and check out a podcast of his interview by visiting Auburn University's Oil Spill Blog.

Stay tuned for more from Auburn!


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