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Ginning Up Support For Drilling Ban On World Oceans Day

Oceana spoke about the Gulf oil disaster at the California Academy of Sciences.

The Oceana-sponsored World Oceans Day celebration at the renowned California Academy of Sciences was a resounding success. Oceana's presence captivated event attendees.

We displayed Oceana's images of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and gathered several hundred petition signatures supporting a ban on new oil and natural gas drilling in US waters.

Attendees also enjoyed winning Oceana apparel via a question and answer challenge, testing their knowledge of the risks of new drilling operations off California's coast and implications to our coastal resources and economy if a spill were to occur. 

"Californians made their message loud and clear tonight," said Dr. Geoff Shester, Oceana's California Program Director. "The US government must take action now to make sure we never allow the tragedy of the Gulf spill  to ever happen again."

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