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Happy Endangered Species Day! Celebrate Some of the Oceans’ Most Wondrous Animals

The Endangered Species Act lists different green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) populations as both threatened and endangered. (Photo: Oceana / Eduardo Sorensen)

Whether you love sharks, whales, or sea turtles, today is a great opportunity to celebrate your favorite marine species. May 16 is Endangered Species Day, which Congress created in 2006 to recognize our national conservation efforts. While it may seem odd to ‘celebrate’ plants and animals that are endangered or threatened – likely because of human actions – Endangered Species Day is a great opportunity to educate others about the species that need our help the most. At Oceana, we fight to protect marine life and preserve their habitats all year, and we ask that you join us today. Take a look below to learn more about some of our favorite species at risk and how we’re helping them.

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