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Video: Oceana Supporter Maya Gabeira Determined To Keep Surfing after Near-Fatal Accident

Maya Gabeira was featured in Outside magazine

Maya Gabeira pictured during her Oceana PSA. (Photo: Oceana / Brian Bielmann Photography)

It was a year ago this month when champion big-wave surfer Maya Gabeira set out to ride the biggest wave ever ridden by a woman off Nazaré, Portugal. She's surfed 46-foot waves in South Africa, but nothing like the monstrous 50-foot-plus waves that formed off the underwater cliffs in the Atlantic last October. As Gabeira set out to ride one of these massive waves, she fell into the surf and suffered a near-fatal accident before being rescued.  

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Champion Surfer Maya Gabeira Wants to Help the Oceans Catch a Break

Maya Gabeira works with Oceana to protect the oceans

Maya Gabeira (Photo: Oceana / Brian Bielmann)

Oceana fights for the oceans all year long, but in honor of this year’s World Oceans Day, Oceana is releasing a new public service announcement (PSA) starring Brazilian champion big-wave surfer and ocean advocate Maya Gabeira. She wants to “help the oceans catch a break” and raise awareness for the need to save this precious resource.

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