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Eliminating Mercury Protects Local Jobs

Here at Oceana, we’ve been fighting to reduce mercury use and pollution across the United States.

We’re working to ensure the passage of the Mercury Pollution Reduction Act, which would eliminate mercury use by some of the dirtiest chemical plants in the country, while boosting local economies through job creation and job-loss prevention.

95% of the Chlor-Alkali manufacturing plants in the U.S. are mercury free -- only four remain that use outdated mercury based production techniques. It is time for these last four plants to clean up their act. This bill would force them to do just that.

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Mercury Pollution Reduction Act

It is well known that mercury, released by coal-fired power plants, chlor-alkali facilities, and other industrial and natural processes, causes numerous harmful human health effects. Yet mercury releases continue to be a widespread problem threatening  both humans and wildlife throughout the United States.

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