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Introducing Eerie Eels: Some of the Most Underappreciated Fish in the Oceans (Photos)

Eels come in varying shapes, colors, and sizes

Easter Island moray eel (Gymnothorax nasuta). (Photo: Oceana / Eduardo Sorensen)

When you think of the vast marine biodiversity that exists, whales, sea turtles, dolphins, and tropical fish probably come to mind first. But, one animal that is often overlooked when it comes to thinking about the deep blue and its biodiversity are eels. Eels are actually fish, and the many species come in varying sizes and colors, have unique adaptations, and are found across the world’s oceans. 

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Photos from the Alabama Alps

Yesterday you heard about the Latitude’s foray into the Alabama Alps. Today, photos!

Here are some of the cool creatures our deep-sea ROV captured on camera. Which one's your favorite?

Special thanks to Nautica, whose support made our use of the deep sea ROV possible!

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