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Spain Moves to Protect Four New Areas Outlined in the LIFE+ INDEMARES Project

Pilot whales will be protected in the Natura 2000 Network

Long-finned pilot whales (Globicephala melas) in Seco de los Olivos, Almería, Spain, an area identified in the LIFE+ INDEMARES project. (Photo: Oceana / Carlos Minguell)

Earlier this month, Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Environment (MAGRAMA) approved a proposal to add four marine areas as Sites of Community Importance to the Natura 2000 Network—the backbone of marine protection in the European Union. These four areas—the western system of submarine canyons in the Gulf of Lions, the Channel of Menorca, the mud volcanoes of the Gulf of Cádiz, and the Bank of Galicia—stemmed from LIFE+ INDEMARES, a project Oceana is a partner on.

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