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Oceana in Chile Submits Recommendations for Lowering Common Hake Catch Quotas

Oceana provided recommendations for common hake

Hakes (Merluccius sp.) in a crate. (Photo: Oceana / LX)

Last week, Oceana in Chile recommended that the Chilean government lower the total annual catch quota for common hake—a severely overexploited species— in 2015 by about 1,000 tons because of declines. According to Chile’s Fisheries Development Institute, common hake biomass declined by over six percent this year.

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CEO Note: Chilean Oil Spill Harms Local Wildlife, Fishing Communities

A sizeable oil spill occurred in Quintero Bay, Chile

Oiled seawater near the Monobuoy Terminal in Chile. (Photo: Oceana / Claudio Almarza)

Nearly a month ago I heard some troublesome news from my Oceana colleagues in Chile: A sizeable oil spill had occurred in Quintero Bay, harming local marine life and jeopardizing the local fishing communities.

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Oceana Provides Common Hake Recovery Plan to Chilean Government

Oceana in Chile presents recovery plan for common hake

Hakes (Merluccius sp.) in a crate. (Photo: Oceana / LX)

Earlier this month, Oceana in Chile presented a recovery plan for common hake, a severely overexploited species, to the Chilean government. Among the recommendations, the recovery plan stresses the importance of protecting juvenile common hake and setting a minimum catch size of about 15 inches. Common hake catches have declined by 70 percent from 2001 to 2013.  

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Oceana in Chile Takes Shark Conservation to the Big Screen

(Photo: Oceana / Carlos Suarez)

In April, Oceana in Chile urged Chile’s Secretary of Fisheries Raúl Súnico to protect sharks that are being adversely affected by the nation's fishing operations. Oceana aimed their efforts at the swordfish fishing industry, which has particularly high levels of shark bycatch. To raise awareness about the issue, Oceana aired a three-minute segment on a Chilean news broadcast – and reached an estimated 2 million viewers. Check out this recent article by SOSSave Our Species that highlights our Chilean office’s shark conservation efforts:

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