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Oil Spill Quote of the Day

From today:

At the Gulf State Park Pier on the Alabama coast, ranger William Key notices that the waves crashing ashore are brownish, not their usual emerald green hue.

Key says the storm that came through the Gulf of Mexico last week churned up the water, and what was lurking below the surface was "a lot of silt, mud and oil. There's no two ways about it."

Key says people have wondered what would happen if a hurricane strikes while there's still oil in the Gulf.

"Well, we saw what happens just a couple of days ago, and that wasn't even a hurricane," he says. "We got high winds, high surf and it stirred up the oil that was on the bottom."

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Oil Spill Quote of the Day

From today’s Washington Post:

"The sheer volume of oil that's out there has to mean there are some pretty significant impacts," [NOAA director Jane Lubchenco] said. "What we have yet to determine is the full impact the oil will have not just on the shoreline, not just on wildlife, but beneath the surface."

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