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Chapter One: Fresh Produce. Go Organic.

This is the third in a series of posts about how to green your life, week by week.

This week, thanks to Mindy Pennybacker’s Do One Green Thing: Saving the Earth through Simple, Everyday Choices, I decided to make an attempt to go organic, produce that is. Living in Juneau, Alaska, a town of 30,000 people with no roads leading in or out, the only way to deliver produce is by plane or boat. Therefore, calling the produce here fresh is a stretch. Nevertheless, Juneau does get some produce, and some of it’s organic.  

I went to the local store and browsed the organic produce section. As most of you very well know, unless you are at a whole foods store the selection of organic produce is limited and often expensive. So why go organic? Shouldn’t eating greens be good for you no matter what? Yes, of course, but organic is much better for you and the planet. Organic produce reduces the amount of pesticides that we ingest and carry in our bodies. I always thought this wasn’t life changing, so who cares? After reading DOGT, I realized how many pesticides are used and the health threats they pose to humans and wildlife.

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