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Bycatch Spotlight: One of the Biggest Issues Facing Sharks Today

Bycatch is a leading killer of sharks

A dusky shark hooked on a long line. (Photo: NOAA Fisheries)

In honor of Shark Week, Oceana is taking a look at one of the biggest issues facing sharks today: bycatch, or the unintentional catch of non-target fish and other marine life. It occurs in multiple fishing gear types and occurs in fisheries throughout the world. Fortunately, this is a reversible situation that can be overcome with collaboration between fishermen and policy makers.

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Oceana in Chile Takes Shark Conservation to the Big Screen

(Photo: Oceana / Carlos Suarez)

In April, Oceana in Chile urged Chile’s Secretary of Fisheries Raúl Súnico to protect sharks that are being adversely affected by the nation's fishing operations. Oceana aimed their efforts at the swordfish fishing industry, which has particularly high levels of shark bycatch. To raise awareness about the issue, Oceana aired a three-minute segment on a Chilean news broadcast – and reached an estimated 2 million viewers. Check out this recent article by Save Our Species that highlights our Chilean office’s shark conservation efforts:

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