On-board Diary: 10 may 2012

Author: Gorka Leclercq - Videographer and diver
Date: May 10, 2012

Gorka Leclercq - Videographer and diverToday we planned to dive with the ROV near the Hanko Peninsula (FIN), but the military authorities in Finland, have not allowed us to submerge the ROV in its territorial waters, so we decided to head to exclusive economic zone waters for our work.

However, we found a lot of wind and waves as we sailed into the target area, which would jeopardize the maneuvers of the ROV, so we returned to the coast for a dive at Gustavsvärm ,an small island at the vecinity of Hanko peninsula, where we found caractheristic eutrophic funds, in which we barely could film and photograph marine life.