On-board Diary: 13 may 2012

Author: Jesús Molino - Diver and Deck coordinator
Date: May 13, 2012

Jesús Molino - Diver and Deck coordinatorWe are in Helsinki. Gorka (video) and Carlos Minguell (photographer) are flying home tomorrow and Carlos Suarez (photographer) and Enrique Talledo (video) will be arriving. The day was a parade of video and photo material, particularly as Gorka is carrying 100kg in camera equipment, microphones, cables, filters, tripods, underwater cases, and a long etcetera…  Carlos Minguell does not pack lightly either, as he has two of each of his flashes, cases, cameras, etc. Enough equipment to document the Baltic seabed, which can be seen on the website.

As for me, I laid out the uniforms and warm clothing for the deck, checked the winch and manoeuvring material to raise and lower the ROV, so that I can later schedule the arriving and departing diving teams with Claus.   

It was a rather relaxed day in general, by comparison to what we are used to. We still had some time, in the evening, to take a walk through Helsinki and visit some of its main spots.