On-board Diary: 25 april 2012

Author: Martyna Lapinskaite (Administrative Assistant)
Date: April 25, 2012

Martyna Lapinskaite - Administrative assistantI have never been in the ship for more than couple hours. And to stay on board for not full 3 days looked challenging. As I am not a marine biologist and my profession is in any way related with nature and science, before coming to expedition I was concern about few questions “ What I will do? And how I could help?”  First day, I was listening and observing how everybody was preparing for the expedition. Second day was thrilling there was made videos with ROV in Kattegat and was taken a sample of the bottom floor with a dredge. I always loved playing with sand and mud, so I offered my help to look for “treasure”. It was dark, cold, wet and muddy but excitement was higher than that. It was such happy and exciting moments to find different species hiding in that box full of mud.

Wednesday morning Andrzej found a little bird that by accident flew inside the boat during the night. He let it away and at the same day it was my time to leave the boat. At 11.00 Hanse Explorer came to Helsinborg I went out and Peter Göransson and Hanna Paulomaki came on board.