On-board Diary: 30 april 2012

Author: Jesús Molino - Diver and Deck coordinator
Date: April 30, 2012

Jesús Molino - Diver and Deck coordinatorWe started the day with a ROV at not much depth. Our initial idea was to send the ROV to check whether the area might be worth it, as the ROV can remain at the bottom for as long as necessary. The area was worth it, and how! After a few hours’ filming, we put on our diving suits and jumped off the Hanse Explorer into these cold waters. The sea bed is covered in brittlestars (small starfish) and some scattered rocks, on which we found many hands of St Peter, nudibranchs, and some edible crabs.

The ROV remained at the bottom while we dived, so we could watch it work underwater. Now, when I look at the screen and see what is being recorded, the image comes into my mind of our little, lonely robot moving with its lights like eyes, below 100 m, exploring the sea bed for us and sending to the surface the images that can be seen on the web and which scientists examine over and over seeking new species or trying to identify new species to document them.