On-board Diary: Estrecho de la Bocayna (La Bocayna Strait). Thursday August 27, 2009

Author: Ana de la Torriente
Date: August 27, 2009

Last night we changed ports. We were docked at Marina Rubicón to the south of Lanzarote. We set sail from this port to continue with the task of documenting and identifying the sea bottom of Estrecho de la Bocayna.

For the moment, the weather conditions favor us, and we can continue diving, both with the ROV and divers, to the south of Lanzarote. The southern part of the archipelago is more protected from the trade winds that blow during the summer. So for now, these are the spots we are sampling. Nevertheless, we keep hoping that the winds will die down so we can approach the more exposed areas at the northern part of the islands.

The ROV submersion took place at the eastern part of the strait, to the SE of Pta. Papagayo (on Lanzarote), and the divers dove at Isla de Lobos to the NE of Fuerteventura and off of Playa Mujeres to the SE of Lanzarote.