On-board Diary: Rest in Formentera and the ecological buoys of the Balearic Islands.

Author: Silvia García
Date: July 27, 2010

Every so often, sea expeditions require a day off for rest. This is always welcomed by the crew, especially if it coincides with our arrival on Formentera. We are at the Formentera Marina at a small port next to s´Estany des Peix, a small bay in the midst of SCI Ses Salines d'Eivissa i Formentera. The area forms a part of Natura 2000 Network due to the major Posidonia prairies it shelters.

The amazing number of ships we see around us (some of them spectacular, we have to tell the good and the bad) constitute one of the worst threats for these marine plants because due to their slow growth, they are especially sensitive to damage caused by anchors. The Balearic Government has recognized the importance of its prairies, and it has established a system of ecological buoys in different coastal areas of the archipelago to prevent them from becoming degraded. All information about the project to protect Balearic Posidonia is available at http://www.balearslifeposidonia.eu/index.php?iduser=&sessio=).