ICCAT: Species at Risk

© OCEANA / LXOceana is working to establish a science-based and sustainable management of the species ICCAT oversees, specifically bluefin tuna, sharks and swordfish.

Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin tuna, a highly sought-after fish for sushi, is in danger of commercial extinction as a result of overfishing.


Oceana is working to prohibit the capture of highly threatened shark species, such as porbeagles. We are also working to establish science-based, precautionary catch limits for other commonly caught shark species in ICCAT fisheries, including shortfin mako and blue sharks, and to require sharks to be landed whole, with their fins still naturally attached. An additional priority is compliance with requirements for reporting data on shark catches, which are important for assessing the status of stocks, and developing appropriate management measures.


Oceana is working to put in place a swordfish management plan in Mediterranean that will ensure the recovery of the stock to the levels of the 1980s.